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Prague is one of the most impressive historical cities in the world. Medieval lanes, Old Town Square, The Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle are just some of the wonderful sites to see all within walking distance of your apartment. Come and explore the city with a thousand spires!

Old Town Square


Discover the magic of Prague's iconic Old Town Square and take journey back in time to medieval Europe.

The square is the heart of the city and offers many features such as the church of St. Nicholas, the Týn Cathedral and of course the Astronomical Clock the 3rd oldest in the world. There are many restaurants and shops surrounding the square making it the perfect start point for any visit to Prague. The square is home to fantastic Easter and Christmas markets and large sporting events and is a must see in Prague.

Prague Castle


Towering above the city lies the impressive Prague Castle and its many amazing features. The main attractions are the stunning St Vitus Cathedral, The Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica and the Golden Lane but there are so many more things to see and the views from up above the city are amazing.


The castle, now home to the president of the Czech Republic, dates back to the 9th Century and is the largest medieval castle in the world. The St. Vitus Cathedral is a must see with its massive and intricate stain glass windows and monstrous ceilings. Take a day to spend on the "Little Town" side of the river, and enjoy all it has to offer.

Charles Bridge


One of the world's most iconic bridges the Charles Bridge was built from the 1350's to the beginning of the 15th Century. The old stone bridge links the Old Town with the Little Town across the meanderring Vltava River.

The bridge offers wonderful views of Prague from the Old Town side to the castle and even the most amateur photographer can make a picture to summarize the beauty of the Golden City. Take an early morning walk along the bridge to avoid the crowds and catch that special moment on this most famous stone bridge in Europe. There are many local artists,merchants and musicians performing on the bridge which adds to the atmousphere and makes for a fantastic experience in the Prague cityscape. 



Take a walk along the river and ascend Vysehrad (Upper castle) to beat a lot of the crowds and get a different perspective and view of the Czech capital.

Built in the 10th century, on a hill over the Vltava River the castle is home to the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, as well as the Vyšehrad Cemetery which contains the remains of famous historical artists Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Karel Čapek, and Alphonse Mucha. It also contains Prague's oldest surviving building, the Rotunda of St Martin from the 11th century.

Petrin Tower


Climb Petrin hill and ascend the Lookout Tower to get a truly magestic view of this spectacular European city. The tower is a 63.5-metre-tall steel-framework tower, which strongly resembles the Eiffel Tower both in terms of look and feel. Although it is much shorter than the Eiffel Tower, it stands atop a sizable hill, Petřín, so the top is at a higher elevation than that of the Eiffel Tower. The Petřínská rozhledna was built in 1891 and now acts a tourist attraction where visitors can walk (or take a very small elevator) to the top for stunning views of the city.


Don't miss other attractions atop Petrin hill such as the Observatory, the Mirror Maze and the local Monastery where they brew their own beer to this day.

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